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Fun fact, if I could wear a dress every day I would. I love them! They’re like the best version of a muumuu, right?! You ladies know what I’m talking about. That dress that feels like you’re wearing a glorified blanket! We all had that grandma who LIVED in her muumuu. At least mine did growing up and I loved it! My grandma is precious. Looking back at how she always wore hers, I see what the hype is all about! Casual dresses are LIFE y’all, especially if you rock the mom pouch like me.

Get ready to see this dress a lot folks. It’s perfect. It flows, HAS POCKETS, hides that extra love hanging on the belly, and can be worn dressed up or down. The list is endless! I also love that it comes in different colors. I always stick to neutral colors, but you can choose which one best suits you! Best of all? You can find it on AMAZON for less than $20! I’ve linked it below with some other favorites! This is a new discovery for me and it’s life changing! I can buy cute clothes and toothpaste at the same time all while sitting in my PJs! We live in some good times people.


Long Boho Dress //Black Maxi Dress //Ruffle Dress//Black Dress

The wonderful thing about these dresses is they come in different colors for whatever style you’re looking for. Believe me, I plan to wear them EVERYWHERE. I would wear them with some cute booties or sandals like the ones in this post ! I also love that they’re great transitional pieces for fall. I can add a denim or faux leather jacket with boots and a cute scarf and I’m good to go!


Let me know what you think! Do you have any comfortable style tips I need to know about?? Comment below!

With love,


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Date night, it’s a time to let life sit in the background and really get to know someone. Make it a FAMILY DATE NIGHT and all of a sudden there’s an opportunity to make lasting memories with your children. Ever since Steven went back to school [in addition to working full time], family nights have been few and far between. We have to make an intentional effort to truly spend time as a family. No TV, no phones, and no distractions. Easier said than done, right? I find that when we stop and enjoy each other as a family, we grow a little more and everyone seems refreshed. Our children are happier and therefore WE are happier!

I talked with Steven, and we have agreed to make this a monthly tradition. Each time will be slightly different! This month we decided to stay in and make it a nice relaxing evening. Who knew dating your family could be so fun!


Make it fun for your family. Cook with your kids! Have a dance party! With some good music, good drinks, and yummy food, you’re on your way to a good evening! I wanted to make special cocktails for the kids, so I made berry-lemonade slushies.

2c lemonade, 1/4c frozen mixed berries, and a handful of ice..blend and enjoy!

I think it’s safe to say they enjoyed their kid-friendly cocktails!

Get to know them:

We chose to have dinner outside. Being outdoors takes away from most of the daily distractions; toys, TV, and other food they might want to eat [like all the snacks in the pantry]. We intentionally talk to our kids and ask them questions about their day and TRY to find out what makes them tick. I know our children are little, but it’s important for us to let them know they are seen and heard. It’s not always easy, but worth it!



Play with your kids! What do they enjoy doing at home? Puzzles? Games? Craft projects? You know your children best. Odds are whatever they LOVE to do, they’ll love it even more if you do it with them! Tristan and Bonnie love being outside, so we simply jumped on our trampoline and went crazy! They LOVED it. Keep scrolling and wonder how Steven didn’t break his back!


He’s still alive people!!

The finale:

Watch a family movie with a fun snack they don’t normally get! Have a campfire in your back yard! Go for a long bike ride!

The list is endless friends.


Family Date Nights are going to be AWESOME. Your babies will look back and remember the intentional time you spent with them, I promise! Do you have suggestions or fun ideas? I’d love to hear them! Send me an email or comment below!

With love,




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