How many of you go to the thrift store and feel that it’s mostly junk and outdated clothes?? I know I have. I would only venture out when I needed a ridiculous costume for Halloween! Nowadays I go for just about anything I might need. I see so many cute styles all over social media, but just can’t justify the price tag sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for splurging on a nice piece of clothing! However, style doesn’t have to be expensive. Choose your wardrobe that makes YOU feel fabulous, because you are.

When shopping for tops, thrifting will be your best friend. You just have to know what to look for, and I’m here to help!


OK, brace selfie game is STRONG people. Just work with me here.

Let’s talk vintage for a bit. I’m a sucker for ALL things vintage, especially clothes. Don’t shy away from these babies! This is one of my all time favorite thrifted tops. I always try to focus on color first, fabric, then detail. It can be overwhelming going down each aisle trying to find the perfect top with so many to choose from. This is why I go based off color! If the color catches my eye, then I usually take a look. If the color is perfect, then I see whether the fabric is in good condition and flattering. The fabric on this top is 100% silk…SILK!! It’s also vintage and has some amazing embroidery work on it, which ultimately sold me.

Thrift store finds
Second Hand Style

This top is made from a silk-like material as well. Of course I was drawn to the color first! Yellow is my JAM y’all. I will choose yellow above any other color. I need to branch day. I love how unique the hem is on the bottom and on the sleeves. It’s also what drew me in! I paired it with a bright colored necklace and flats. This is a great lunch date outfit or something cute to wear going out with friends!

Thrift store finds
Second Hand Style

Shop this look!

I also love a good button down. It’s classic, looks great on anyone, and so versatile! I roll the sleeves up during warmer weather and leave them long during the cooler months. Think about what color suits you and go for those! I tend to love a good chambray button down. It can match with just about any outfit! [More on that in another post!] I chose to pair it with some fabulous moto leggings I scored during the Nordstrom sale. I plan to wear these bad boys all winter long. I styled them with some cute wedge heels and you’re good to go!

Thrift store finds
Second Hand Style

One word..PLAID. It will never steer you wrong! I loved the blush color of this top and the quality. I think it’ll be nice to wear during any season. You know how much I love cuff shorts, so naturally I paired it with these [which used to be thrift store jeans!]. Add some Saltwater sandals  and you’re ready to take on the day! This would be a GREAT outfit for play dates, a trip to the zoo, or running errands!

I’ve linked some of the pieces that are similar or the same from each outfit if you wish to go for the exact look!

Happy thrifting!


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  1. Ahh! Thank you for breaking it down for me! I get incredibly overwhelmed when I walk into a thrift store and don’t know where to always start. 😬😬😬 but this really helps!!! All these outfits are so cute!

  2. I loveeee that yellow top and I really like how you mixed up different types of outfits, very nice.!
    I just want to say I adore the logo of your blog. Beautiful blog! x

  3. I have had great luck at one particular Thrift store in my town. I really do think it depends on where you buy. I’m wearing a thrifted shirt right now and got a compliment on it this morning!

    Love these looks you’ve put together. Fun post 🙂