It’s the middle of the week and you have so many things you need to accomplish before the weekend comes. You’re already anticipating how you’re going to chug through the rest of the work week without too much stress. This is us. We see Wednesday roll around and we think, “Whew! We’re almost there!!”.

I write this post to encourage and lift you up. Life is hard people..there’s no doubt about that. It really takes a church community and regular fellowship with others to see the true beauty that is a life in Christ. I know it’s not easy. It sure isn’t easy for me or my family. I’m working to be better though.

Before we had Bonnie, we used to attend Wednesday night Bible study and we LOVED it. It was a time for us to fellowship with others in our church community. We made great friends and had others encouraging us to remain in the Word throughout the week. It was a more relaxed setting which I really loved and thrived from. We got to joke and laugh with others and truly get to know them. Sadly, we fell off the bandwagon. Having a baby who had an early bed time made it difficult to commit. Excuses I know! Again, I’m working to be better.

This year will be special. Our dear friends have stepped up to teach the preschool class. This is HUGE. They have put so much heart and soul into making this a memorable experience for our young ones. Tristan will be able to learn so much about who God is and how his life can be forever changed. Even Bonnie will benefit! She has her own class where her teachers love on her and encourage her to be out of her comfort zone.

One Sunday, our youth pastor preached a sermon that I won’t forget. He stressed the importance of the Church and how important it is that we place our children’s pursuit of Jesus at the top of our list. That’s something easier said than done nowadays. Our children have so many extra curricular activities and responsibilities that they don’t have time for much else. What struck me was how passionate he was about our children coming to church. I’ve always thought about the importance of myself attending that I’ve forgotten how even MORE important it is for my children to attend. Yesterday was the first day back for the little ones, and let me tell you…they came home BEAMING. It made my heart explode seeing how excited they were about church.

I feel like I struggle with keeping in the Word throughout the week. I’m sure I’m not the only one..or at least I hope not! Going to Wednesday night studies always uplift my soul and humble me. I THRIVE on it. When I remain in the Word, every other aspect of my life benefits from it. I’m a better wife, mother, friend, and HUMAN BEING. It’s an uphill battle for me that’s for sure. I struggle with a lack of humility and humbleness. Only God can remedy that one, and oh how He has!

I pray this encourages you to find a church. Find a community where you THRIVE. Attend Wednesday night fellowship if your church offers it. You won’t regret it. I promise.




With love,


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  1. You are so not alone. We definitely struggle over here with getting our family going to church on a regular basis and staying involved in the word. But it’s so so true that when we get into the Word, life is so much more enriching. I completely agree I need to create a world for my children that inspire them to want to know God. I love you put that!! Thanks for sharing girl!