I have a love/hate relationship with skincare due to my ongoing issue with eczema. I love finding new new tricks and products that make my skin look amazing, however, spending time on a beauty routine is torture for me. Since developing eczema, I also suffer from EXTREMELY sensitive skin. Thank you children!! It’s very frustrating and annoying to deal with, let me tell you. I’ve tried so many products on the market with little success until I tried using apple cider vinegar or ACV.  I’m sure you’ve heard about its amazing benefits and they’re all true! I’m not a medical professional by any means, I just want to tell you what works for me.

I mix 1 part Bragg’s unfiltered ACV to 1 part water and store in a glass container. The reason I use Bragg’s is because it’s organic and unfiltered. The properties in unfiltered apple cider vinegar make the health benefits even more potent. It helps to balance the PH on my skin and maintain an even skin tone. I keep a bottle on my counter to use as a toner after washing my face and in the shower as a hair rinse. With regular daily use I have clear skin and healthy hair! Another added bonus, it’s CHEAP!

As you can see, my skin is far from perfect nor is my makeup, but hey, this is me.

Even though I’ve had major success with it, you need to know the warnings! It doesn’t smell pleasant and stings a bit if you have active eczema on your face. To remedy this, I add a few drops of good quality lavender essential oil to the bottle. It calms my skin and smells great! You may smell like vinegar for a few minutes but I promise it goes away shortly! Follow up with your favorite moisturizer and you’re good to go! I’ve also found that by using ACV as a hair rinse after shampooing, I no longer need conditioner!

Let me know what you think after trying this out! I’d love to hear feedback or success stories!

With Love,



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  1. Ooo! I had no clue! And you’re gorgeous girl! Rick’s eczema is flairimg up. We’ll definitely be trying this.

  2. Your skin looks beautiful! I’m going to try this for my 12-year old daughter! She gets eczema on her face too and starting to get really aware of it 🙁 Much better than steroid creams!

    1. It really is! I use steroid creams on my hands and it’s awful. I’m not brave enough to use ACV there though. My eczema is MUCH worse on my hands!! I hope this helps your daughter!!