Camping is life for us as a family. We absolutely love it and our kids do as well! It’s a way for us to unplug and grow together as a family. Somehow tight spaces really bring us together and we forget every day life around us. When we bought our camper, one thing we decided on was to venture out once a month. It’s not always easy as our lives are crazy busy, but somehow we manage! This past weekend we chose to see the nearby town of Kerrville, TX. It’s an hour drive from San Antonio which was really convenient! We stayed at Kerrville Schreiner Park which is situated right along the gorgeous Guadalupe River.

Texas, you really are stunning.

We spent the day on the river fishing and hiking. There are plenty of trails to explore and you can fish right on the river!

Whilet he kids took a 3 HOUR NAP..let that one sink in. we relaxed and watched a movie [which is a rarity during the daytime these days]! Once the kids woke up it was time to eat so we ventured out to Billy Gene’s for dinner. It’s right on the Guadalupe and offers a great selection of food!

We enjoyed the outdoor seating  area which overlooked the river. They had humming bird feeders as well. It was so neat to watch them! I ordered a frozen sangria while we waited on our food. It was oh so delicious. Bonnie threw an epic fit because I wouldn’t share it with her. One day kid.

Once we arrived back at the camper, the kids enjoyed some bath time shenanigans as you can see. This was the best shot I could get! We had a movie night in the camper along with roasted marshmallows. It was a good night friends. Camping is AWESOME.

I love how slow mornings can be when we are camping. I think it’s the lack of things to do that force us to take it easy. Tristan and Bonnie loved climbing into bed each morning to watch a movie with us. Not pictured, is me creeping while drinking my morning coffee.

 All in all, it was a great little weekend trip. We will definitely try to make it back to Kerrville again before we leave TX. We weren’t able to see a few things that we had hoped to check out.


What are some things you do to bring your family closer? I’d love to hear from you! Until next time friends!

With love,


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Joy. it can be a fleeting moment, or something you can experience for a lifetime. Every day you can either choose joy or push it aside. There was a time in my life when it was hard for me to choose joy. I chose anger and frustration most days. Life was different for me then as I didn’t know God. It was as if I was walking around in a fog. Joy was right there and I just couldn’t see it. A sweet and dear friend of mine invited me to her church when we were stationed in Monterey, California. For the first time I knew JOY and I saw life in a completely new way. Want to know the best part? I haven’t looked back since.

Finding Joy

This picture is one of my favorite memories of our time while we were stationed in Monterey, California. We would drive down to Big Sur to hike and the view never got old. I was completely blown away by the sheer beauty of it. Tears ran down my face as I thanked God for my time on this earth. I’d never been so grateful for the beautiful life I’d been given. I took it for granted.

 Later when Bonnie was born, I was diagnosed with Post Partum Depression. I’m certain that I had it with Tristan as well. It’s brutal and ugly friends. I carried so much shame and guilt for feeling so angry and frustrated with my life. I knew this wasn’t the person I was meant to be. I turned into a recluse and avoided new friendships. I became upset over the most insignificant things. I didn’t feel depressed so I didn’t seek help for the longest time. There were days when I couldn’t stand being around anyone. I just craved time to myself. I didn’t enjoy motherhood like I felt I was supposed to. I mourned the time when I was responsible for only myself. I could go on and on about my lack of joy, but you’re not here for that! I firmly believe God sought me out and pulled me from the darkness. He saw me right where I was and saved me. He saved me from the worst version of myself.

Today, I see joy. It’s in my children when they laugh and play with each other, my husband when he holds me close, my family when I see their faces after a ridiculously long time apart, and my friends when they laugh at my obnoxious jokes. I see it when I go out and strangers choose kindness instead of hate with one another. I see it when I’m driving down a scenic road and the perfect song comes on. Joy is when you’re shaken to your core when worshiping the Lord. I had never experienced that kind of joy before. It’s addicting friends. I find joy in walking with God. I’m not ashamed to share it. Through Him, I see EVERY ounce of joy around me. I want to show it to everyone I know. Every day God molds me into a better version of myself. I can only pray he uses me to bring out the best in others.

Don’t let joy become a fleeting moment in your life. Let it consume you, take hold, and root itself deep. Yes, there will be days, months, or even years that will make it hard to find joy. You’re not alone. Joy is all around us, you just have to open your heart and let it in.


With love,


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